quality and responsibility

Along 2021-2022, Valkoliekki developed and implemented a food safety and quality system in line with the internationally recognised BRC Food Safety Quality Standard, which it hopes to certify in the first half of 2022. To this, Valkoliekki has developed its food safety policy and is committed to:

Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of food safety to guarantee genuine, safe, and quality products for all our customers.

Develop a food safety management system in accordance with the BRC V8 standard to promote food safety in all internal processes of the organization and conduct regular audits of the system to ensure the validity, adequacy, and effectiveness of the food safety management.

Promote appropriate and economically viable processes and technologies to prevent situations that may affect the safety of the product.

Involve our staff in the fulfilment of the objectives and goals established in the system, through continuous training that allows improvement of knowledge, skills, and aptitudes that guarantee that the staff has the necessary competencies in matters related to food safety and customer satisfaction issues.

Through ongoing training, we commit all our staff to achieve the goals of the Food Safety Management System, so that we can enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our staff to ensure that they have the necessary experience in issues related to food safety and customer satisfaction.

Promote and facilitate internal and external communication with our processes, staff, customers, and other stakeholders.

Valkoliekki’s management undertakes to communicate its food safety policy at all levels of the organization, suppliers, and stakeholders, as well as complying with the food safety management system and continuously improving its effectiveness.


We want to be a renowned company which offers our customers safe and high-quality garlic products. We develop and customize products according to customer needs. In addition, we want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and staff, by implementing a quality management system and being certified according to BRC V8 standard to increase trust and recognition in the food market.


We make the best crushed garlic in Finland.

Our customers and consumers deserve only the best quality.


You can buy our products over and over and the taste is consistent!

We value the work of our employees. With us, you get products made with fair Finnish labour.

We only use responsibly produced raw materials in our production process.