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We believe the friends of garlic to be highly quality conscious consumers. Therefore, quality is the premise for manufacturing all our products. We acquire our raw material garlic from two contract garlic farms in Spain. The farms have been awarded quality certificates by Global Cap issuing international quality certificates. By importing the raw materials ourselves, we ensure the quality monitoring of all products all the way from starting the production to the finished products.

The garlic is shipped and stored maintaining the right temperature. The garlic is machine-peeled, after which the approved cloves are sorted carefully to ensure the best possible outcome.

We use efficient modern production tools meeting every quality standard set for the food industry. The premises designed for our production were implemented in 2005.

We supply our products to the largest wholesale businesses in Finland, thus we are always prepared to react to huge growth in order quantities. Furthermore, product development and adapting the uses of garlic to meet the demand of our customers in the food industry is part of our everyday activities.

We refine the garlic utilised as raw material by the food industry as per request of our customers. We deliver both crushed and whole garlic, as whole peeled cloves, fresh and frozen. We provide package alternatives ranging from small glass cans to 20 kg buckets.

In addition to the products marketed under our own label, an important part of our operation is offering products under our customers’ private labels. Our Private Label customers in Finland include e.g. Ruokakesko and Meira Nova. There is a high demand for such products, which proves that the products, production and logistics solutions of Valkoliekki are regarded as trustworthy.

We carry out product development, seek new innovations and research the various possibilities of garlic in cooperation with the research units in the food industry. We consider the feedback and ideas received from our clients and consumers as an indispensable asset to our product development. We appreciate any development ideas and, in return, inform you of the possibilities to cater to you and your product development needs. We hope our products will notch up a new level in tantalising our customers’ taste buds.

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Reliability of delivery – we aim at 100% delivery reliability

The most desired final product – we aim at an increase in the overall demand in Finland

Price competitiveness – continuous development of our operation

Finnish product – important value for many consumers, corporate social responsibility